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This is where it all began!

About Me
  My name is Ron Leuschen, born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.I call myself "Little Hen Knives", because Little Hen is what my last name translates to.
 I`ve been interested in knives from a very early age.In the summer my parents would ship me off to my grand parent`s farm.This is where I met my first love, grandpa`s old pocket knife.I guess grandpa seen me eyeing up his knife all the time, so one day he came to me and said,"every good man should carry a knife",then pulled out a brand new shiny Barlow pocket knife and gave it to me, I think I was 7 years old at the time.
 Later on in life I remember my parents and grandparents cussing about some knives they were using for butchering, "they sure don't make them like they used to." I guess that lit a fire to produce a blade better than factory.
 At about  8 years old I tried to make a knife out of mild steel. But with no luck.
 One day at the age of 19, while  shopping at House of Tools, I seen a knife kit for $25 I thought it would be cool to make my own knife. Once I was finished I was "bitten by the blade bug." I have been making blades now for 8 years and the last four have been forged.
 All my blades are now forged unless stainless is requested. I prefer to work in carbon and tool steel. I do alll the work myself including heat treating and most of my blades are one of a kind unless requested to reproduce a similar product.
 I work mostly with O-1 Tool Steel, but will work with 5160, 1084, and 15n20 in damascus, cable damascus, 1095, and at customer request ATS-34, 440C.
 I like to use exotic hard woods along with horn and some micarta.
 I will make sentimental pieces from "Grandpa's old truck, combine, piece of equipment, etc," you know the one that he say`s "that was the best darn truck I ever had."
My ambition as a knife maker is that one day, someone, somewhere will say "this is the best darn knife I ever owned."